How to Buy leather jacket which suits your figure

The summer 2018 is ending very soon and as soon as the winter is arriving, we all are excited to get them out again: our beloved leather jackets , meanwhile, the part of a well-stocked wardrobe is indispensable.

Whether the classic bomber, fashion, biker or feminine in bright suede, there are limitless design variations and shapes are stocked, that does not necessarily make a easy choice for us.

Here we have some tips and a short guide to make it easier for you buy a leather jacket which is perfect suit your body whether you have curvy, slim, tall or short figure.

Figure Type 1: Small

As your a strong personality with small body, then you probably will be glad on cheat the every inch, selecting a general size like Small, X-Small or even custom measurement size, make sure it is cut as short as possible, hence it end approximately at the level of waist, this trick will make your legs longer



Figure Type 2: Big

long-leather-jacketsAs a tall human we recommend you to you should rather not grab short leather jackets, Any else, it will looks like you have been accidentally shopped in the kid’s section, according your size, you can wear wonderful long leather jackets in the cool oversized look



Figure type 3: androgynous

androgynous jackets leather-With an androgynous looking body, you can go wild in in the search of leather jackets. A rocking biker jacket with buckles, zippers, pockets and wide lapels is the perfect choice for you. But beware: The jacket should not be too big, but fit perfectly. Otherwise you’ll look lost in it quickly.





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